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Tennessee Sports Betting Apps

There once was a time that you needed a computer to access the internet. Such an idea seems hard to picture at this point. Smartphones have become such a normal part of everyday lives that it’s hard to even imagine a world in which you couldn’t access the internet on a phone or tablet. It’s difficult to believe that the first iPhone wasn’t even released until 2007. In an ever-growing digital world, sports betting apps are one of the most important aspects of a sportsbook in Tennessee and around the world.

Company applications have almost become as common as social media accounts. According to Statista, in July 2009 there were only 65,000 apps available in the Apple App Store. Just 10 years later in 2019, that number had soared to 3.26 billion apps. Data also shows that over 50% of internet traffic now comes from a mobile device. To compete in today’s sports betting market, sportsbooks need to have a great sports betting application.

Tennessee’s sports betting regulations prohibit in-person retail sportsbooks such as are found in casinos in other states. All sportsbooks that operate in Tennessee will be required to do so with an online sportsbook. This puts a major emphasis on both website and mobile interfaces for sportsbooks looking to do business in Tennessee.

Advantages of sports betting apps

Even if you primarily use a computer to access the internet, there are still some good reasons to download Tennessee sportsbook apps on your Android and iOS devices. Here’s a look at some of the advantages that come with using sports betting mobile apps.

24/7 access to betting lines

The most important and obvious benefit of sportsbook apps in Tennessee is that they give you 24/7 access to your account and to sports betting lines on your favorite events. This means that even if you are out at a bar, catching the game at a friend’s house, or even in the stands at an event, you can access your sportsbook of choice right from your phone.

With your sportsbook mobile app, you’ll never have to fret that you forgot to place a bet while you were at home on your computer because you can still place it on the go. If you have multiple sportsbook apps on your phone, you can even check multiple sportsbooks for current lines in just a few clicks. Line shopping is a great way to get maximum value on your wagers.

Live bet on games while you watch

How many times have you been watching a game and felt the change in momentum coming? Perhaps you are watching a Memphis Grizzlies game in which the Grizzlies are 15 points behind, and you see the bench cut the deficit down to 10 and feel that the starters are going to ride that momentum into a comeback win. With live betting on your sportsbook app, you never have to let these observations go to waste.

Whether you are watching a game away from home and want to place a live bet on your phone or you are sitting at home with your tablet out and your live lines running, there’s nothing like getting in on the action as it’s happening. Sports betting apps that offer live betting will let you know in advance which games are eligible for live betting so that you can plan accordingly.

App-exclusive bonuses and promotions

In what figures to be a crowded sports betting market in Tennessee, sportsbooks are always going to be looking for the edge when it comes to earning your business. These online sportsbooks know that time that you are spending on their app is time that you aren’t spending on one of their competitors.

In order to give Tennessee residents incentive to use their apps, most online sportsbooks offer unique bonuses and promotions. These include deposit bonuses, boosted odds on random events, daily free contests with cash prizes, and more. Even if you don’t plan on making a deposit at a certain sportsbook, it could still be worthwhile to download the app to keep an eye out for promotional opportunities that may interest you.

All sportsbook applications can only be used while you are currently located in the state of Tennessee. Even if you are a legal Tennessee resident, you won’t be able to access your mobile device if you are outside of state lines. Geotracking through your phone or tablet’s GPS system is used to confirm that you are located in Tennessee before you place any bets.

How to download sports betting apps on your device

Downloading sportsbook apps on iOS devices is as easy as searching for them and finding them in the Apple App Store. The process is a bit more complicated for Android users, as sportsbook apps aren’t currently allowed in the Google Play Store.

To download a sportsbook app on Android, all you have to do is visit the website of your sportsbook of choice from your mobile device. From there you will be prompted to download the application. Once your app is downloaded and you click on it, Android’s security system will ask you to confirm that you want to allow this app from an “unknown source” (any source outside of the Google Play store) to download. Once you have changed your settings to allow the downloading of apps from outside of Google Play, you will be able to download the app and should have no trouble accessing it moving forward.

Top sports betting apps in Tennessee

As noted, all sportsbook applications can only be used while you are currently located in the state of Tennessee.

FanDuel Sportsbook Tennessee sports betting app

The FanDuel Sportsbook app is very clean and easy to use. In the top right corner, your current balance is clearly displayed alongside an icon to add more funds if you’d like to make a deposit. Right below that are icons for the major sports currently in season as well as a “Live” icon that lets you know how many games are currently available for live in-game betting. Clicking on that icon will bring you to the list of these live-betting-eligible games.

Below these icons is a promotional banner letting you know what the current bonuses and promotions running on the FanDuel application are. Next, lines are displayed under the “Popular” tab, giving you quick access to the day’s biggest and most popular events. You can navigate popular games by sport or just have them all listed.

For most major sports events, the standard lines of spread, moneyline and total are clearly listed. Tapping on one of these odds will bring up your bet slip and allow you to wager on the game or add it to a parlay. Right below the standard lines is a link to “more wagers,” where you can navigate other lines and propositions available on the game.

The bottom of the screen has a toolbar in which you can use the “Home” icon to navigate back to the main page, the “A-Z” icon to find sports that aren’t listed at the top of the screen, and icons to see your pending wagers and current bet slip, as well.

DraftKings Sportsbook Tennessee sports betting app

When accessed from a computer, the DraftKings Sportsbook website interface doesn’t pop in the same way that FanDuel’s does. But once you access DraftKings via its sports betting app, the design choice suddenly makes perfect sense. This is a sportsbook that is clearly looking to the future with a heavy emphasis on a great mobile experience.

The DraftKings sports betting app just puts you right into the action. At the top of the screen, you can see your current balance and make a deposit if necessary. Current promotions are listed as well. And right below those is the super convenient and intuitive “Quick Links” section. Here you’ll find no flashy icons or colors, just quick access to the sportsbook’s popular daily “Odds Boosts” as well as all of the top sports currently in season.

Right below the Quick Links are the day’s top lines, easily sortable by sport. Clicking on a line will bring up a page allowing you to bet on it or add it to your bet slip. And then at the bottom of the screen you can access the home page, current live in-game betting options, your current bets, A-Z sports and your rewards page.

BetMGM Sportsbook Tennessee sports betting app

BetMGM owns and operates some of the most popular physical sportsbooks in the world on the Las Vegas Strip. Despite its reputation in the physical casino world, BetMGM had some catching up to do in the online sportsbook and mobile app world as it expanded into other states like New Jersey in 2018. The BetMGM sports betting app lagged a bit behind the crisper DraftKings and FanDuel apps as those companies were way more technically savvy due to their presence in the online world as daily fantasy sports providers for almost a decade.

Fortunately, BetMGM has poured a lot of time and resources into getting its mobile capabilities up to speed in other states, and Tennessee residents are reaping the reward of a much-improved mobile experience. The current iteration of the app now supports live betting, which was a must to keep up with its competitors.

The interface on the app is clean and easy to read. Right below its promotional banner, BetMGM allows customers to select the sport that they want to see odds on, with seasonal and popular sports listed as well as an “Odds Boost” section. Users can access the home page, A-Z sports, their bet slip, pending wagers and promotions from the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Tennessee sportsbook mobile app FAQ

Are sports betting apps legal in Tennessee?

For state-approved online sportsbooks, yes. Some illegal offshore sportsbooks offer sports betting apps as well. Those apps are not regulated and are technically not legal to use. Sportsbooks that have received a license to operate in Tennessee from the Tennessee Lottery Board are 100% legal to residents currently located inside the state.

Are sports betting apps safe to use?

Yes. Sportsbooks that are legally operating in Tennessee are fully regulated, so you can bet with confidence knowing that your money is safe. Sports betting apps also take protecting your mobile data seriously. Most of them use data encryption services to make sure that your private information is safe when you are using their application. For more details, visit your sportsbook’s section on mobile security or contact customer support for additional information.

What age do you have to be to bet on sports in Tennessee?

The legal age to place wagers online in Tennessee is 21 years old.

How do I make deposits and withdrawals on sports betting apps?

Methods of deposit and withdrawal vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. In general, you can often make deposits using one of the following methods:

  • ACH/e-check (online banking)
  • Credit card
  • Prepaid card
  • PayPal

With the exception of credit cards, you can usually request withdrawals using the same method that you used to make your deposit. Each sportsbook will walk you through the process of making a deposit or withdrawal, and customer service is available 24/7 if you are having any issues with the process.

Are free-to-play promotions really free?

Yes. Tennessee sportsbooks want to give residents the opportunity to see what their sports betting apps have to offer. To do this, they will often come up with free-to-play contests and promotions that will give players the chance to earn cash prizes without even making a deposit. Keep your eyes open for promotions like these, as it never hurts to take a risk-free shot at winning some money.